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Parallel Lines

Super Fire Gym is a  full time Muay Thai club based in Reading, Berkshire and run by Liam Hamilton, a veteran of this sport having started the journey back in 1984 under the tutelage of the now legendary Master Toddy & Master Sken.

Our club is solely focused on Muay Thai,  the national sport of Thailand,  we are open to all levels from people who just wish to learn something new and keep fit, through to professional fighters.



Head Coach and founder Liam Hamilton started Muay Thai In 1984 at the new legeday Master Toddys in Manchester.   After competing he settled down to coach and open Newbury Thai in 2001.   Moving to Reading in 2015 to start Fire Gym on a semi full time bases,  in 2022 we moved to a our current full time gym and Super Fire Gym was born.

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Coach Mat is LVL3 personal trainer, mixed martial arts coach and also active Muay Thai/MMA professional competitor.  Sport was always big part of his life, from playing football at young age, competing and representing school in various sports to training martial arts for over ten years now and becoming professional athlete I always knew I want to do something related. Realising not only the physical but the mental impact training had in my life I decided helping others changing their life is important for me.

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Originally from Thailand and moved to Maidenhead, Berkshire in 2008. Kim brings a weatlth of knowedge of Yoga, balance that complements any sports.  Kim's infectious energy brings another level to the gym to get the best out of anyone.

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