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  • Is Muay Thai for me?
    Yes, Muay Thai is for eveyone from 16 and up. Its a great was to stay in shape and learn a martial art. From TOTAL beginner to seasoned Pro, we have something for you
  • Which class is best for beginners?
    The Beginners class is perfect a beginner, just book online and turn up. No equipment needed just normal gym wear.
  • Do you have an age limit?
    At the moment we accept stundets from 16 years and up with NO upper limit. We will in the near future offer an juiniors class so watch this space.
  • Do you offer a Free Trial?
    We dont i'm afraid BUT we do offer a Pay as you go service. Just book and pay for a single session at a time and that way you can see if its for you.
  • What equiptment do i need?
    Ideally you will need a pair of basic boxing gloves but you can take part without. 16oz gloves would be perfect
  • What should i wear to my first class?
    Normal gym wear, i.e. T-Shirt and shorts plus maybe a hoodie if its cold. We train in bare feet but you can wear socks if you want.
  • is there any parking at the gym?
    Yes you can park right outside the gym or on the roads by the gym. We are located on a trading estate and 5 mins walk from a retail park with loads of free parking
  • Do you have showers ?
    No, sorry we don't.
  • How do I sign up and join in?
    Great, first you need to register and book a class via the website. You can only book on the morning of the class ( 10 hours before ) and pay online. If the class is full, we offer a waitlist and you will be contacted in turn if a place comes up.
  • I'm new, what equiptment do i need?"
    You will need a pair of 16oz boxing gloves, any will do to get you started. Once you progress i would recommend some shinguards, a gumshield and a groin guard if applies. We no longer offer loan equiptment.
  • What's the diffrence between Gold and Silver
    Gold is an all inc membership that allows you to join any class. Silver is Muay Thai only and 5 class per month.
  • Can i swap between Gold and Silver?
    Yes of course, simply log into the website or app then cancel one and purachse the other once its expired. DONT forget to cancel one first or you will be double changed
  • Can i cancel at any time?
    Yes, as long as you give us 1 months notice you can cancel your membership as its no commitment
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